Sales Tax

A hawk’s eye on your sales tax position enables you to make strategic decisions and secure your future financial position.

Minimize Sales Tax Risk Related to Your Business Growth

The government has imposed the tax on the selective sales of goods and services. After collecting the sales tax it is then passed to the government. This activity is performed in all the four provinces at different percentages. Being paid to the governing body it is collected from the purchasers and the fixed amount is paid; the rest is the authority of the retailer. As a business owner, it is your duty to pay it to avoid any kind of penalty. On every sale, the tax is received by the seller and is returned to the authority figure.

Do You Need to Pay Tax?

As a business resident, if you are buying or selling taxable goods it is your duty to file and pay sales tax after necessary adjustments according to your provinces/federal laws.

What If I Don’t Pay?

Being a resident it’s your duty to pay the imposed tax else you’ll be responsible for the due.

Our Aim

We being professionals believe in teamwork and are aimed at providing assistance in your sales tax to optimize your business. All the team members are dedicated, professional, motivated and satisfied and provide taxpaying assistance. We believe in providing quality Sindh sales tax services in Karachi. Changing tax rules may negatively impact your business. The strategies and information we provide you with drive success of your business.

Free Consultation for Small Businesses

We help you meet your obligations; also we are available to provide you free consultation for your small business. Tips and techniques are simple to apply.

Sales tax

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Paying sales tax can be time-consuming and garnering this information is really very hectic. So we are here to help you provide all the required information regarding sales tax. We are here to save your cost and time and carry out each and everything in a timely manner. It’s a great help for your future and enhances your business growth.

As a Businessman

It is vital for all the businessmen to perform this duty. Remember the rate is not fixed it varies (Check SRO 644(I)/2007 as amended by SRO 537(I)/2008 dated 11th June 2008). Hire our professionals who use strategies to help your company in preparing sales tax return. Such services help you for your business growth and help you achieve your goals readily. We being experienced already worked with many businessmen. It helps to enhance your company’s growth.

Further, as per Sales Tax Act 1990, following sectors are required to get registration for sales tax and charge sales tax on their supplies/ services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Import
  • Services
  • Distribution, Wholesale & Retail stage.
Additional tax

If a person doesn’t pay the tax what he’s supposed to then he has to pay additional tax.

Tax Records

The whole tax record is kept that what you paid. Sales tax record includes details concerning the supplied goods including description, quantity, value, a name of the customer who was charged tax. As required under section 23 of the Sales Tax Act, the registered person shall retain the record and documents for a period of five years on electronic media.

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