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SIS Tax Consultants offers a broad continuum of accounting, financial, and management consulting services across a number of industries to give entrepreneurs and business managers the insight they need to prosper.

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Income Tax

Our company is focused to provide you with strategies and techniques regarding your business. You must have heard about the tax filers in Pakistan. As a business owner you must understand the struggle to overcome the possible risks one may face. So I would say that all those who want to become a successful tax filer should also go for it. This includes workshops regarding knowing your mission, vision and strategies used regarding it. All this structure will provide you with assistance to perform well as a tax filer in Pakistan. We as an organization gather all the important information regarding the factors that can possibly affect your business and provide strategies to you that are mandatory to run a successful tax filer business.

How We Work

We get you some information regarding your business, determine your goals and missions, as an experienced organization give you some know how, target the characteristics of your clients, structure you a tax filing business. The best policy is to make a small investment in money but a large investment in time and attention. Here all the strategies aim you to let your organization business survive for years. We use actionable techniques to foster your tax filing business growth.

You know what is the major issue with our people? They just don’t bother about such business development strategies because they don’t know the significance of using such techniques. What happens they neither move with plan nor take the help of any agency to partner up with them, due to such risks they suddenly observe deduction in their bank accounts. When it comes to run a filing business our experts understand your challenges to ensure a successful business and let you know about each move even about your financial modelling that portrays a financial structure of your business for you.

Income tax service

SIS Tax Consultants offers a wide range of value added services that are individually tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

 Services for Individuals

  • Tax Compliance and Planning.
  • Tax Return Preparation.
  • Personal Income Tax Planning.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning.
  • Financial Planning.
  • Tax Services for Pakistan citizens living abroad.

Services for Businesses

  • Payroll Tax Return Preparation.
  • Sales Tax Return Preparation.
  • Monthly Withholding Tax Return Preparation.
  • Business Income Tax Return and Planning.
  • Assistance in the selection of accounting methods, legal organization and financial reporting.

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